Friday, June 12, 2015

Kalinga Ethnic Costumes, Igorot Costumes

Kalinga ethnic costumes are colorful and vivid. Among the ethnic Igorot groups, the Kalinga costumes stands out because it combines the beauty of all the other native clothing.

The "bongol" necklace made of rare beads can indicate the standing of a person; the thicker the "bongol" is the more affluent the person is. The quality of the beads denotes also the person's standing in the community.

The beads are made up of rare stones and gems, which may have originated from China, Malaysia and other foreign lands. It was believed that the ancient i-Kalingas traded with foreign people during the olden times.

For Kalinga males, the G-string is the popular ethnic costume.

Here are samples of the Kalinga ethnic costumes.

Bro. Ben in his G-string!

Our beloved, the late Lola Carmen, with her "bongol". Although the dress is not Kalinga, Lola Carmen is a true-blooded Igorot.

Bongol and some native colors

Male and female Kalinga costume

Benguet Igorot costume

Modernized Igorot Costume

Original Igorot Costume

Original Female Kalinga costume courtesy of Nats Dalanao

Various types of bongols (ethnic necklaces)

Benguet native costuume

Kalinga costume with modernized blouse and bongol

Female and male Kalinga costume

Ethnic male Kalinga costume

Modernized Igorot costume

Dance troupe costmes

Female Kalinga costume

Paracelis costume, courtesy of Erika

Kalinga warrior costume dancing tadok

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