Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Going Beyond Kalinga to The South

I have not posted any topics outside of the Kalinga culture, but with this article , I'll make an exception.

This is because I find this original pictures so awesome, I just can't help but blog about it.

These are some of the most visited tourists spots in the country.

Just like the Banaue Rice Terraces, they have a splendor of their own, untouched by time and technology.

These pictures were taken by Sir Paul - a very adventurous and well travelled academician from Central Luzon.
Due to his scientific presentations he is able to visit various places all over the country.

He was able to tour around the Crystal Cove of Boracay of Panay, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Tagaytay, Baguio, Palawan, Davao and several more beautiful tourist spots.

Sir Paul is also a food enthusiast; he relishes tasting new and scrumptious delicacies wherever he goes.

Being a scientist and an academician, he not only basked in Mother Nature's biota but also finds time to "study" and learn from the flora and fauna of the places he visited.

Relaxing by the refreshing beach of
Puerto Galera.
The view is awesome - worthy of a
Van Gogh!

Sir Paul, you should come and visit us in Kalinga.
You'll find several things there that would spark your interminable quest for new discoveries.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Welcome to Entrecard - Bill of "From The Boondocks"

This blog had fascinated me since I first visited it in the early days of March, because of its multifarious features and posts that truly speak of Kalinga culture and tradition. Aside from featuring these it also updates the reader on current events in Kalinga.

Bill Billig, the author of the blog is a seasoned writer who can graphically and fluently discuss not only Kalinga culture and practices but also any challenging topic under the sun.

Even before he decided to become an entrecarder I've been a constant visitor to his site.

Now that he is a member of our entrecard communtiy, I'm sure he will be having more interested visitors and readers.

I'm glad that he finally opted to be a part of our entrecard community.

Welcome Bill and enjoy your stay here!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Thanks for an Arte Y Pico Award from Jenn

I was awarded the ARTE Y PICO AWARD from Jenn of Jenn was here.

Jenn is gracious enough to award me this. I want to give her the award in return. She deserves it.

Together with Maiylah's Snippets , Gattogiallo's Shots, Jennifer Robin of Robin's Woods , and Strider of Life's Quest

I consider them as my favorite Photo blogs.

For works of art that are not photos, I am a fan of Francis Scudellari's drawings in Caught in the Stream,

These blogs are worth a visit because their unique eye for visual arts is amazing. Their photos speak of the dynamic, ever changing world around us.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Photo by FreeWine

Books are treasure troves.

Almost all successful and famous persons I know have been "wide readers".

I have always wanted to share inspiring stories with readers.

It is a dream I know I have to fulfill in this lifetime, or I'll never rest in peace in the other realm.

This book project I will be embarking on would be entitled : "Inspirational Thoughts and Stories from Bloggers All Over the World."

The projected time of completion and publication of the book would be 1 year.

If you have an inspiring article, story or poem that you know could brighten up someone's day or that could enlighten and give hope to people, send them and earn 5,000 ENTRECARD CREDITS.

These are the criteria:

1. The contributor must be an Entrecarder.

2. It must be original and never been published.

3. The length of the article or story should not be less than 1,000 words.

4. If it is a poem, it should not be less than 15 lines.

5. If contribution is accepted, one (1 ) complimentary copy of the book where your article will be featured, will be sent to you (free of any charge ) as soon as publication is completed.

6. As the blog's owner, I will screen and select entries for inclusion in the book. You will be notified through your EC dashboard if your contribution has been accepted or not.

7. You can send up to three entries in any of the categories.

6. For any question, feel free to send a message throught my EC widget/dashboard.
( Gewgaw Writings) or leave a comment in this post.


Friday, July 4, 2008


Photos by: Jenn Was Here

The Kalinga rice is a complete meal in itself. I would never forget the wonderful, tasty aroma of this.

I miss the "gaddiw" (fish), the "isna" (rice)and the "kamote" (sweet potato) which has never tasted as delicious as those that I have eaten in Kalinga.

ALL PICTURES COURTESY OF JENN OF JENN WAS HERE. These pictures were photographed by Jenn of Jenn Was Here
who so generously allowed me to use them in this blog. Again Jenn, thanks a lot.