Monday, July 20, 2009

The Value of Honesty in Taloctoc, Kalinga

One thing that had made its mark in my memory as a young child is the honesty of the Kalinga native.

In our barrio - Taloctoc, houses were never locked. You could wander in and out of anybody's house, if you so desire.

You could leave your personal things anywhere and would still find them untouched when you get back.

Sometimes a child may be curious and "investigate"but he will always leave them where he found them, or report the found item to an elder .

If - apparently - the owner forgot it, then it will be brought to the barrio captain's
house where the person may claim it.

It was an unwritten code to respect the rights and properties of another person.

There were no documented and notarized papers to that effect (just like what we do now), but everyone respected that "law".
There were very rare occasions when a scalawag nicked an item, but eventually he himself surrenders and would be willing to suffer the consequences.

all Photos by glenmcbethlaw


Noni said...

Taloctoc remind me Mawlynnong (cleanest village in asia), both look same...hard to believe this type place still exist...

here is link for Mawlynnong:

Jena Isle said...

Hi Noni,

That's interesting. I'll visit for sure. Cheers.

Eric S. said...

Now that is a social standard sorely needed in this day and age, everywhere. The smaller communities, no matter where they are, always seem to survive on the basic principle of trust.

Something I do sorely miss these days. Even our small mountain town was similar, I can't remember ever having to lock our doors.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Eric,

How right you are. These simple village folks are the most trusted people. They live simple lives and observe the basic tenets which makes them decent and honest people.

Thanks for the visit Eric. All the best.

Dino said...

HELLO friend. I enjoy pouring through your post.

Am delighted to hear these virtues are still intact in such community, which is very rarely hard to come by.

Let's join hands to replant its and spread the virus of lightens up the load of challenges we bear each day.

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Make or Break

ando said...

Taloctoc remind me my village...

HotMomma said...

Isn't it like living in paradise if we still uphold the same sense of honesty and consideration towards others? I can't help but pine for the olden days when life, limb and properties were safer.

Cinnamon said...

I enjoy reading your blog about the Kalinga people. They are so unspoiled.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Hi Jena. I'm finally able to comment again, so I can tell you how much I enjoy reading your reminiscences here.

Jena Isle said...

Hi to all, I apologize for not being able to reply to all of you.

Thanks for reading and happy blog hopping.

madz said...

It was a practice in every town before. But, I don't know what brought the 'evil doings' to others. Glad to know that the value honestly still preserved in Taloctoc. Hope everyone in the island of the Philippines regain such value.

Lisa Blair said...

Clamor of kalinga sometime curios and investigates.... I like this sentence and I am surprised too.