Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The typical Kalinga man is tall, dark and handsome! He's intelligent, witty and generous too.


tashabud said...

Does he know that his picture is in the blogosphere? Hehe. Good looking brother you have there, Jena.


deepteshpoetry said...

Tell u what...he is very scary!Like a nightmare personified.I posted after a long time.Pls chk my new poem

Virginia Gaces said...

Hi Tasha,

He he he, He does but he might not be aware that it's becoming popular. he he he

Hi Deeptesh,

Hello, all the best.

ajchtar said...

your brother? seriously? lol! he wouldn't be ashamed! I bet he's proud that he's honoring the Filipino people by setting an example to how ancestral ifugao look like! :)

ian said...

He is your brother??? wow I thought this is just a random photograph! I hope you could permit me to use his photo. pleaseee :)
Does he really like taking photographs???